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Introducing the New Standard in Hiring!

Leveraging AI to transform the hiring process into an efficient, cost-effective journey!

What We Do

Proprietary Talent Sourcing Plugin

Optimize recruitment with our proprietary plugin, harnessing AI to streamline talent sourcing efficiently and accurately.

Intuitive Applicant Tracking System

Simplify hiring with our intuitive applicant tracking system, designed for seamless candidate management and evaluation.

AI Resume Screening & Assessment

Leverage AI for resume screening and assessment, enhancing accuracy and speed in candidate selection processes.

Calendar Integration & Scheduling

Enhance coordination with calendar integration and scheduling, streamlining appointment setups and reducing administrative workload.

Advanced Candidate Ranking engine

Streamline talent identification with precision using our data-driven, algorithmic candidate evaluation system.

The hiring process does not have take forever

We’re Reinventing the Way the World Hires!

Introducing our AI-powered platform that cuts down hiring time by automating the most time-consuming tasks like sourcing and screening.

Why Sift?

Reinvent your recruitment process by reducing profile sourcing time by 90%, simplifying processes, and enable your recruitment teams to focus on engaging with candidates efficiently.

Candidate Sourcing Browser Plugin

Leverage Sift’s advance natural language processing model to intuitively source profiles from job platforms, tailored specifically to recruiter requirements, streamlining candidate discovery and ensuring a precise match for every job opening.

A Seamless Experience

The Sift Dashboard

Complete Pre-Onboarding in a Single Dashboard!

Experience seamless pre-onboarding with our platform that consolidates the entire recruitment process into a single dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools.

Source. Sift. Track.

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Introducing the New Standard in Hiring!

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